A nylon ʻukulele string set made for tenor scale, this is a great choice for players who prefer thicker strings and higher tension.


・Tuning: High-G set
・Tone: Warm and bright
・Material: Nylon
・Color: Translucent purple
・Country of Origin: U.S.A



1st A-string 0.0290"  
2nd E-string 0.0333"  
3rd C-string 0.0409"  
4th G-string 0.0290"  

※This string set is for tenor scale ukuleles (concert long-neck ukulele or tenor ukulele), please make sure the scale size of your ukulele before order.
※This item can be shipped to U.S. domestic and in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc, where permitted.

D'Addario Pro-Arte Titanium EJ87

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